Living Design Level I Assessment Kit


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Living Design Level I Assessment Kit

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This Living Design Assessment Kit provides remote guidance and bio-energetic testing services to assist people to evaluate their environment and create a plan to begin balancing and harmonizing incoherent energy fields including electro and geopathic stress. Professional evaluation provides a clear understanding and baseline test of the overall level of coherence, or amount of life-supporting energy present in residential or commercial spaces before or after applying Living Design Technology® (LDT).

Step 1 Set up a phone consultation to explain the process for providing accurate information sufficient for Living Design Consultants (LDC) to facilitate a basic bio-energetic assessment of your space utilizing the LDT 32-Point Checklist.

Step 2 Customer provides photograph, simple floor plan, location address, and contact information via email.

Step 3 Customer will be given a before and after basic coherence level score. LDC will explain the results and, when necessary, give instructions how to optimize the environment by treating electro and geopathic stress utilizing a Level I or Level II Home or Office Harmonizing Kit.

Since each space is unique, this detailed assessment is highly recommended to identify a wide range of environmental stressors and to determine the baseline before treating an environment. Treating the environment can be done all at once or in phases.

The Living Design remote assessment starts with a Google Earth satellite scan, simple floor plan and photos of the site sent via email. LDC bio-energetic testing protocols reveal the baseline coherence level of the environment being tested. Test results will determine what is needed to begin treating the building and/or earth for various types of disturbances including electro and geopathic stress. This evaluation can include incoming power sources on or around the exterior of the building. The LDC assessment takes a holistic approach to evaluate and create a plan to identify possible sources of energy to be balanced and harmonized, depending on preferences and budget. For buildings larger than 2,500 sq. ft., an additional 10¢/sq. ft. may apply.

Living Design System Outline: There are four levels of environmental energy balancing in the Living Design System: Clear • Green • Silver • Gold. Following an initial Assessment, placement of Living Design Technology® products provide a foundation for creating a stable, life-supporting environment. Initial energy balancing level range achieved is subject to specific location characteristiecs and amount of tools applied. Living Design Consultant testing and direction provides clarity and understanding to create optimal outcome. This work can be done all at once or in stages.

The Living Design tools allow people to raise the amount of healthy, harmonic natural frequencies in an environment. The technology provides the information for Nature to transform life-depleting energy, or Quantum Noise, generated by electrical fields and geopathic stress. LDT has an organizing effect on these chaotic electromagnetic fields because it provides a full spectrum of healthy stabilized magnetic frequencies common to all living systems. When a sufficient amount of these stabilized magnetic frequencies are present in an environment they reorganize the chaotic frequencies to become sympathetic with living systems, much like a magnet organizes iron filings. When a full spectrum of healthy magnetic frequencies are present people report feeling more grounded with an increased ability to focus. This full spectrum frequency foundation increases life-supporting etheric “Gold Energy” in an environment. Living Design Technology® simply provides the information and Nature does the work.

LDC Exterior Checklist: may include the more visible electrical components such as meters, generators, main electrical panels, street and exterior lighting, etc., to less obvious systems including solar panels, septic/sewer, proximity to power lines, cell towers, other large buildings, etc.

LDC Interior Electrical Checklist:  may include 1) Locations and types of interior electrical systems, devices and appliances including heating, ventilation and A/C units; 2) Location and types of lighting; 3) Water system location and type.

Unifying and Optimizing Interior and Exterior Spaces: Ideally, interior and exterior spaces are attuned to become one unified field. LDC use bio-energetic test protocols to determine the overall coherence level and check for 32 different sources of toxicity. Fine tuning the interior and exterior as a whole unified field after the environment is initially treated is optimal.

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