Environmental Bio Balancing


Geopathic Stress is nothing new. It’s been known about at least since the 1920s when German scientists started documenting ‘Krebshausen” – houses with an unusually high incidence of cancer cases that they discovered were situated over geological fault lines.

Geopathic Stress describes changes in the natural geomagnetic field of the earth caused by fault lines, mineral deposits, underground water flows, quarries, mine working, or other features.

In very basic terms, the entire earth is threaded with invisible geo-electro-magnetic field lines, appearing every 6 to 8 feet and forming a grid all over the planet. These rise up through the earth and can be compared to the meridian lines of a human body. These earth rays can become positive power centers or they can have a significant, negative effect on our health and well-being.

Many studies have been conducted in Europe which indicate common signs of Geopathic Stress to include chronic fatigue, restless sleep, migraine, cancer, arthritis and rheumatism, miscarriage, nervous, emotional, and relationship problems, ADD, hyperactivity, sudden infant death syndrome, etc.

Technopathic Stress is a new term referring to a more recent phenomenon caused by our modern love affair with gadgets and wireless technology. Many symptoms are similar to those of Geopathic and Electromagnetic Stress and are considered by many to be part of the overall environmental picture. Electro Pollution has been called the silent killer of the modern age. Not only do we have to deal with more electrical underground cables, overhead pylons, and transformers to cope with our increased use of electricity, but our bodies and all other living systems have to endure increased electro-magnetic fields (EMF) from computers, broadband, mobile phones, cordless telephones, wireless laptops, microwave ovens, television, cell phone towers, vehicle navigation systems, etc.



Manmade electromagnetic energy is like the sun: it can have both life-supporting and life-depleting effects on all life forms.  Our tools and processes reproduce nature’s original blueprint to transform electro-magnetic fields and Geopathic Stress into stable, balanced energy levels that support all life with no ill effects.

Living Design Technology® uses scientifically-proven, cost-effective products and services that neutralize and transform harmful energy qualities in our earth, air, and water. Living Design Technology® repolarizes the subtle energy matrix to become coherent and life-enhancing. Testing has shown that transformed or repolarized water, electricity, and earth radiation helps to restore balance in our bodies and environments.

We address the intersection of our internal and external environments and harmonize the interaction between the two. Living Design Technology® works with people of all ages, animals, land, water, all types of buildings, power lines, and energy systems.



  1. Restore the foundation for healthy biological processes in land, water, and air.
  2. Harmonize imbalanced electromagnetic fields in building materials, environments, and atmosphere.
  3. Transform noxious, naturally-occurring Geopathic Stress to become neutral or beneficial.
  4. Establish a more peaceful and stress-free environment.
  5. Reduce stress and fatigue while working at computer stations or near electrical equipment.
  6. Increase well-being, productivity, and ability to focus.
  7. Raise the vibration of materials.
  8. Create tangible change in subtle energy fields.
  9. Enhance health, wealth and prosperity.



  • Our tools mimic nature and infuse electromagnetic energy systems, earth, air, and water with nature’s design language to harmonize the detrimental effects of modern technology.
  • We use a specific fusion of algorithms, geometries, and living codes which nature recognizes to optimize its own ability to self-balance.
  • We have developed small, two dimensional devices, called Harmonizers, that create a vibrational fusion which duplicates the blueprint for nature. This process makes it possible for nature to realign misaligned energy vortices.
  • Our processes and tools assist in restoring an easily recognizable original blueprint of nature’s design language with quantum or micro-vibrational physics.
  • Our tools provide a stabilized point of reference of a full and balanced spectrum of magnetic frequencies common to all life. We do not change electrical devices. We change the way life forms can self-balance and coexist with that technology.

Complexity is in the tool.
Simplicity is in the application.


  • Testing has shown that transformed or repolarized water, electricity, and earth radiation helps to restore balance in our bodies and environment by emitting full-spectrum harmonic invisible light frequencies. This light, which enhances life force, is measureable, detectable, and easily reproducible.
  • Scientific Research reveals that water is a programmable crystal with memory.
  • Pristine, or energy balanced water is living water.
  • Water takes on the characteristics of what it has been exposed to.
  • Water with toxic memory is void of life force, even if it has been chemically cleaned.
  • Man-made technologies can be enhanced to be easily compatible with nature.
  • We can utilize man-made electromagnetic energy fields to positively revitalize our water, air, and earth.
  • Environmental energy balancing easily transforms Geopathic Stress, which is toxic earth radiation, to become life-supporting.



ASSESSMENT: We identify a variety of types and levels of electromagnetic and subtle energy pollution at your site.
CORRECTION: We perform the protocols that neutralize the polluting radiation, transmuting its energetic quality from harmful to beneficial.
TESTING: We rate your progress with pre and post testing to document the energetic qualities of the newly balanced environment.
REPORTING: We report our results at every phase of the process. This work can be done all at once or in layers. Our four layers are clear, green, silver, and gold.
FOLLOW-UP:  The report we provide you at the conclusion of our work includes suggestions for maintaining the effectiveness of the energy-balancing devices that we’ve placed in your environment. Upon request, we update the corrections we’ve made as changes at your location may require.


We offer a variety of initial levels of engagement depending on our client’s needs.

Detailed environmental residential testing with a report is $300 for an average residential property. Testing and reports for larger or commercial properties varies according to square footage, environmental conditions, and travel expenses. This step is not required for a proposal to be created, but we recognize that some facilities require a full report not only for records, but to be able to track results over longer periods of time.

Once the assessment is complete – either the free scan or the full testing and report – Living Design Technology® will create and send a proposal to you for restoring balance and harmony to your property.

Contact us via email at info@livingdesigntechnology.com if you have any questions. Or Click Here to schedule a 30 Minute Orientation and Scan consultation with Tika.

Our environment is an open energy system and is ever-changing. Our planet is spinning through space and everything is in a constant state of reaching homeostasis. Raising the vitality level within our buildings by harmonizing electro and geopathic stress is a valuable asset to all living systems, from trees to bees to humans. This process is already being utilized around the world and is a great tool to add to our current green building checklist. Truly, the health of our buildings is determined by the quality of life existing within and around them.

For more information and examples, we are happy to share this article written in August, 2015 by Tika for the Western North Carolina Green Building Council entitled, Balancing Nature and Technology: Harmonizing Electro and Geopathic Stress.

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