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Nature, in all its power and glory, works best when all living systems work together harmoniously. That includes us. But what about the increasingly high-tech world we live in that seems counter-intuitive to the inherent balance of nature? At Living Design Technology, we create, manufacture, and market state-of-the-art products that support our environment, while enabling nature and technology to work together the way nature works. Our products are for people who care about their surroundings and wish to enhance their well-being through harmonizing with nature, and supporting the environment for themselves, their families, and for Earth.

Several years ago, we tested your product for EMF protection using equipment to measure the energy field of a person. We found that it was not only effective at protecting the person’s energy but it was able to restore a person energy to a state at least as good as the energy state of the person before exposure to EMFs. Having repeated this process of exposing people to EMFs and see how your product was able to restore their energy every time, convinced us of its effectiveness. This is even more significant in that we tested many products purporting to “protect” against EMFs, but never found one until we tested yours. We want to congratulate you on offering a product that works, a rarity in this type of products for EMF protection.

Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D.

Research Director, Psy-Tek Labs

“Since you balanced the electro-magnetic energy in and around our house, we sleep better, our friends comment on the good energy they feel when entering, and the plants? Inside and out, they too are thriving.”

Margot Hasha, Ph.D

“How wonderful to feel so good and to know that my body is being greatly helped. Not only has my sleeping been great, but during the day I’ve actually been bringing projects into the bedroom to work in that peace.”

Sue Kane

“Wonderful results have occurred! My tension is resolved and am feeling open and warm, especially in my heart and solar plexus. Old patterns are being broken and re programming on the golden grid occurring.”

B Sanchez

“My intention was for a long-term, reliable renter. The next day I received 4 calls. The person who rented the house told me he traveled on the road alongside the property daily and had never noticed it until that day.”

Pam O. Hammond

“The difference is absolutely remarkable. In the past 20 days, I have experienced a markedly increased sense of wellbeing and noticeably higher energy level… Thank you for the important work you do, and for helping me have the energy to do the work that I do!”

Lily G., Licensed Acupuncturist

“On not one, but TWO occasions, she was able to create such a positive and harmonious state in and around our home environment, that it forced extremely toxic neighbors to relocate.  These instances were 3 years apart and in two different locations (states).”

Sarah Steinmann

“After placing the clay packs around the house, I felt a noticeable shift in my energy levels. I felt more relaxed, but had more energy at the same time. I was able to breathe more deeply and felt my chakras opening up.”

Danielle Sholly

“Previously I was having dry, chapped hands that I was treating every night with Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Moisturizing lotion. Since your installing the Energy Balancing, I have not used it except a couple of times!”


“I live in a relatively small townhouse community that has been marked by discord and disagreement. Within a few months of Tika’s energy-balancing work, there’s a greater feeling of harmony and balance among us.”

Theresa Easterbrooks

“I love the way the building feels. Before we were dealing with a lot of employee negativity and difficult working situations, with in 1 week of your work, I walked in and the one that never is cheerful, greeted me cheerfully!”

Melodie Carbuccia-McMath

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Living Design Tools are designed to be used on and around electronic technology, bodies, buildings, and even in the Earth and waterways for optimal vitality and well-being.

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