LDT Infused Silicone Rings with 2” Card Harmonizer


Pack of 21 Silicone Rings + 2“ Card Harmonizer



Pack of 21 Silicone Rings + 2“ Card Harmonizer

LDT Infused Silicone Rings offer a convenient way to spot harmonize certain objects and/or locations. Silicone Rings are versatile and can be used in combination with the Living Design card enclosed in this packet and with other Living Design tools to create higher levels of coherence.

LDT Silicone Rings are ideal for harmonizing all types of light bulbs, especially LED. Even though LED bulbs are energy efficient they are extremely incoherent. One Silicone Ring can be placed around the base of each bulb before screwing it into the light fixture. For maximum effect 2 or 3 rings can be used per bulb. The card can be placed in close proximity to lighting fixtures, lightswitch plates, underneath a lamp, etc.

Living Design Technology® enhances the cellular communication of living systems and is people, pet and plant friendly. LDT tools are stable and never have to be cleared. These LDT Harmonziers are multi-purpose and can be used in addition to LDT Kits to create a stronger layering effect. They can be used for spot harmonizing or in a grid pattern, indoors, outdoors, or a combination of both.

Living Design Harmonizers have been developed to balance a wide range of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) including toxic psychic and geopathic stress incoherent energies. These tools optimize the potential for well-being and assist in restoring nature’s life-supporting, original blueprint to create a healthy distribution of electromagnetic energy charge. The tools provide the information and Nature does the work.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 1 cm


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