When I first encountered the Living Design Consultant booth at the Illuminate Expo, I was strongly drawn to the table without knowing why. I soon discovered that the energetic pull was due to Tika’s magnetic personality and the incredible products offered by this dynamic team of forward-thinking professionals. I found that I resonated strongly with the ideas Tika presented, such as the idea of restoring harmony in the environment in order to increase the vitality of our own cellular system. She described a process of assisting nature’s own balance in order to coexist harmoniously with electromagnetic forces, with the goal of harmonizing and elevating the vibration of our spaces.

I took home a collection of BioVitality Amplifier Decals and Cards (now known as Sticker Harmonizers and Card Harmonizers). I placed two stickers inside the case of my cell phone, placed a large card on the wireless router in my home, and started wearing a small card on my person every day. The difference is absolutely remarkable. In the past 20 days, I have experienced a markedly increased sense of wellbeing and noticeably higher energy level. In fact, I recently had a couple days where I forgot to wear my card, and I ended the work day completely exhausted at 5:00 instead of being able to work late and stay energized until 9pm on the days when I wear my card. This was a clear indicator that the stickers and cards are making real changes in my body and the atmosphere. I am so impressed with these products and am deeply grateful that Living Design Consultants have created these wonderful tools for harmonizing ourselves and our surroundings. Thank you for the important work you do, and for helping me have the energy to do the work that I do!

Lily G., Licensed Acupuncturist

The house feels good…we are both sleeping better and I feel rested when I wake up.
I always enjoy being with you Tika…thank you again.
Debra Neill

Hi Tika

I am so happy that we met…Hope that everything is going wonderfully great for you, I wanted to express my gratitude to you and Richard for your kindness. You guys are Awesome, feels like we’re old friends reuniting.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for so kindly gifting me with your Zero Point stickers. The experiences have been Amazing, Out of this world and Miraculous.

There is so much to share that its a bit overwhelming to try and put it in one email, so I’ll give you my first experience which requires a bit of background info to bring it more into perspective for you.  I have been off balance physically all of my life which manifests in the body as pain in the form of headaches (migraines & sinus), pressure, dizziness, etc…So although there is nothing medically wrong with me it has been my challenge to find balance, always thriving to feel good in the body. There was a time when I needed to take aspirin daily to be able to function in life.  Anyway many years ago I decided to go natural, no more man made drugs.  Since then I’ve tried everything that comes to my awareness to bring some relief to the body and feel better.  Still my physical challenges are more often than not.  Before the ADL Conference I had been struggling with a headache for two weeks to no avail, since I’ve learned to manage the experience somewhat I do not allow myself to be kept from doing what I must do, like attend the conference with my sister.

When you gave me the stickers on that Sunday I placed them on my body and went home, well I notice on my ride home that I was feeling less and less discomfort in my head.  It wasn’t until I got home, unpacked and relaxed that the experience came full circle, No Pain at all and I immediately knew that it was product of the stickers.  We are going now into the fourth week and no headaches, thank God. Those symbols have brought balance to my body, something I have been searching for, for years.  This is why I consider this a miraculous healing, Thanks to you, to God, to Life, to the Universe I am profoundly Grateful.

Gabriela Rodriguez

Tika’s energy balancing services have improved my family’s lives in many ways.  With the personal energy balancing we have seen results such as, better communication, enhanced clarity, and conflict resolution. Most apparent were the clear and definitive results of her home and environmental energy balancing sessions.  On not one, but TWO occasions, she was able to create such a positive and harmonious state in and around our home environment, that it forced extremely toxic neighbors to relocate.  These instances were 3 years apart and in two different locations (states).  In each situation we had neighbors with massive drug problems, exhibiting violence and illegal activity.  Violent disturbances were often and we had called the police on more than one occasion.  Within one month of Tika energy balancing our homes, the neighbors miraculously disappeared.  The most recent neighbor situation, which was the most intense, included a family had lived in the house for almost twenty years.  Literally, within one month of Tika’s work, poof, they disappeared. It was amazing to witness this phenomenon, not once, but twice! I wholeheartedly recommend Tika’s impactful services to anyone wanting to enhance their lives in any way.
Sarah Steinmann

Since you balanced the electro-magnetic energy in and around our house, we sleep better, our friends comment on the good energy they feel when entering, and the plants? Inside and out, they too are thriving.
Margot Hasha, Ph.D

It has taken me a while to figure out how to express the difference in my bedroom since the addition of your harmonizers. I put them in the four corners. Then the space became very calm. Like I could feel the silence. The peace. It is like my head had been rambling in a chaotic way and now became calm. I’d not noticed the chaos until it was gone and then felt the soft, gentle peace. How wonderful to feel so good and to know that my body is being greatly helped. Not only has my sleeping been great, but during the day I’ve actually been bringing projects into the bedroom to work in that peace.
Sue Kane

So difficult to describe the ineffable!

I’m immensely grateful for the relief and energetic transformation that occurred with Tika. It’s been so stressful attempting to clear and lighten and grid the energy at my businesses. Attempting to understand and integrate feng shui, crystal work, energy healing etc can be exhausting but Tika made it all simple and quantifiable and actually very enjoyable! It was enlightening and fascinating to see the dials and measurable energies shift and brighten and the space feel so improved and the frequencies lifted. I loved the processes and the professionalism and the downloaded information and advice and synergized optimization of everything that I was searching to improve and transmute.

Wonderful results have occurred! My tension is resolved and am feeling open and warm, especially in my heart and solar plexus. Old patterns are being broken and re programming on the golden grid occurring. Patience and calm are flowing and the buildings that were gridded are housing fabulous transformation and healing and increased flow of good traffic and a cozy, lifted environment. And I know this is only the very beginning 🙂

I’ve been so moved to study further and look forward to working more and more with Tika. This has made me a life long student of this incredible work. Thank you thank you thank you!!

B Sanchez, BA, MA, CiPP, Mentor Coach, CEO, Avid Fan

Thanks, and well worth it. I started out with 50 accounts before consulting with you. I now have 700. Thanks again for your help.
Tim Supple

I had a “For Rent” sign up for over 5 weeks on a piece of rental property – not one inquiry. Tika placed georesonators in all 4 corners of the property and raised the vibration on the property thru her powerful techniques. My intention was for a long-term, reliable renter. The next day I received 4 calls. The person who rented the house told me he traveled on the road alongside the property daily and had never noticed it until that day. The same person has been my tenant for over a year now. I’m convinced Tika’s balancing and attuning the negative energies into gold positive energy was a direct cause and effect!
Pam O. Hammond

New Orleans, LA

I’m really grateful for your help and talents. TIKA, you have an amazing gift. God has richly blessed you. I appreciate the friendship and guidance and heartfelt effort. You have truly helped me, raised my awareness and overall frequency. I Feel it: more calm, more centered & more focused.  Your work has helped me to strengthen my resolve to fulfill my God given path and journey.
With Respect & Appreciation for you,
Anthony Michael Hall

Actor | Producer | Writer

There are several steps taken in balancing ones home. Grid lines are found and balanced, and then electric boxes that feed the house as well as main water lines are balanced. Then building materials and electric sockets are protected. Tika uses Resonators which are designed and created to do the specific work required. Some resonators are buried in the ground, some bio-energy strips placed on conductors of energy, special strips for water, and a special devise for cell phones. It is amazing to watch and an honor to participate in this work…. I am so glad to be blessed with this work on so many locations.
With Love on the Energy Journey, your friend,

Dear Tika,
Thank you so much for coming to Asheville and spending time with me and my roommates. I wanted to share my experience with you regarding the energy balancing session we did for our home.

As you know, I am “in-tune” with subtle energies around me because of my many years of healing work and training that I’ve done. I knew that living in a modern home, especially on a busy corner street near downtown Asheville, I would be susceptible to many forms of geopathic stress and electromagnetic energies.

I just wasn’t sure exactly how much these subtle energies were affecting me until we balanced my home using the clay prayer packets.

The day of the energy balancing, I was feeling tired and noticed that my breath was short. After placing the clay packs around the house, I felt a noticeable shift in my energy levels. I felt more relaxed, but had more energy at the same time. I was able to breathe more deeply and felt my chakras opening up. There was a sweet taste in my mouth, whereas before it tasted metallic. I found that very interesting.

Now that two weeks have passed, I have a few observations to report. I’ve had contact dermatitis on my right hip for months now. It will generally flair up and then calm down throughout the week, but I have not been able to eradicate it completely. As of now, there is no visible rash on my hip! I am wondering if it will come back or not and will keep you posted. I have done nothing differently in my diet or self care routine to account for this.

I notice that when I am home, I feel much more relaxed and happy. It truly feels like home. I’ve been sleeping well, although that wasn’t too much of a problem before, but I feel more rested. I also noticed that our two cats seem much happier and calmer. They have not peed on any furniture or rugs either, which was a pretty common occurrence before.

My roommate, Sarah, has been struggling with eczema, especially on her hand. She reported last night that the rash seems to be clearing up, which was surprising to her.

I am stoked about these changes and look forward to reporting more beneficial changes as the weeks pass! It was very interesting watching you test for the many sources of subtle energy toxicity in my home. I am curious how shifting these vibrations will affect me over the next several months.

Thank you again!
With love,

Danielle Sholly

I feel a great sense of trust with Tika, which is critical, in my opinion, for a good outcome. She has graced our home with not only her presence, but with practical applications of resonators inside on earth meridians, the computer and my cell phone as well as outside near electrical boxes and overhead electrical wires. Our property is already pleasant, but with these devices it is even better…”smooth” is the one word to describe  how I feel since she’s been here. She will return upon request to check these devices and make adjustments if necessary. Tika listens well, and she practices what she preaches. Her opinion and practice are valuable to me, and her services have proven to be time and money well spent.
Joyce Pearsall

Hello Tika,

Hope this finds you well. Gabi and I want to thank you for sharing with us your precious and special discovery. It has brought both balance and grounding. I have used it in several occasions to bring healing to my grandchildren. We would like to discuss further with you and to continue to learn about it.

Marianela Oliveras

Tika is a dear friend of mine who is from New Orleans and has been using her own skill and resources to assist in energetically balancing New Orleans for many months now. She has a packet that describes what she does, based on Ibrahim Karim’s Biogeometry principles, who, with Robert Gilbert of the Vesica Institute in Asheville , trained her. Tika also uses other resources, integrated into her work. I am a strong believer in Biogeometry, have had Tika balance my house and land and many people have felt the difference since I moved here to Fairview 2+ years ago. She has had a number of clients who have felt a change in their homes.
Christine Westfeldt

Tika: Previously I was having dry, chapped hands that I was treating every night with Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Moisturizing lotion. Since your installing the Energy Balancing, I have not used it except a couple of times! I believe that the cause of my problem was stress, and that the balancing has eliminated, or has decreased this dramatically. Thanks, it was worth every cent.

Dear Tika,
My Chloe awoke this AM coughing a dry, hacking cough.  I opened the meditation pendant you sent me last night and she became immediately excited, dancing even, as if she knew exactly what it was.   I believe she did, indeed, know what it was, because when I put it around her neck, her coughing ceased and her breathing became slow and even, and she’s been asleep most of the day.  I’m sold.  Thank you so much.  This little girl’s health is very important to me.
Much love,

I live in a relatively small townhouse community that has been marked by discord and disagreement. Within a few months of Tika’s energy-balancing work, there’s a greater feeling of harmony and balance among us. My husband & I own a small farm in the mountains of NC. We have power lines running across our property. Ever since I moved in I felt irritated and edgy in the house and yard. I purchased a bio-geometric copper rod and planted it in my front yard under the power lines. The energy is now much calmer and smoother. I can see the sky again! Before it was like there was a veil across the sky where the power lines ran through. I feel the rod has greatly improved the quality of peace we experience at our home. We are both very grateful for this device.
Theresa Easterbrooks

Mars Hill, NC

I inherited a very old home which had been neglected for many years by my relative who was very ill. For over one year I had it for sale with no luck. I tried everything I knew to clean and uplift the energy in the house and the yard. Tika Vales came in and doused through the house and the property, cleansing and balancing the energy. I also had a personal energy balancing session which helped me to release old attachments to the property. For days after her work, I could feel the house and property shaking free of the stagnation of years. It was as if the entire property was stretching and reawakening. Within two weeks the house sold. THANKS Tika!

Hi Tika
I wanted you to know that after your services, I feel a shift of energy with doors of opportunities opening.
Jan Galatas

TIka, your energy balancing has plucked me right into gear!   I love the way the building feels. Before we were dealing with a lot of employee negativity and difficult working situations, with in 1 week of your work, I walked in and the one that never is cheerful, greeted me cheerfully! Since then morale is way up, and business even though we are closed for construction we are still getting tons of orders!! Every time one thing falls through another better thing comes along! It has been challenging growing but its as if the golden white light just diffuses everything! Your personal work on me as well has been beautiful. I have been working on tuning in and balancing and releasing. especially pent up grief within my chest! Thank YOU!!
Melodie Carbuccia-McMath

It was like having settled for living in Grand Central Station with a cacophony of hollering, buzzing, and grinding all around just beyond normal awareness. I did not realize how disturbing this energy was until Tika and I sat down and breathed in the new feel of the house. Our home was relaxing into a more pleasant hum; one that many have told me is amazingly sweet and welcoming. This technology in the hands and heart of Tika is quite remarkable and, I believe, one of the healing tools given to us to help manifest the New Earth. Many thanks, Tika, for your courage and earnest efforts to bring this highly effective energy balancing service to our lives and to our community’s awareness.

Hey Tika,
just wanted to let you know that I dowsed the positions for the sticky medallions & put 3 on my metal bedframe. ever since then it seems I sleep thru the nite (assuming I don’t drink too much liquid right before bed) and my digestion seems to be better, first thing in the morning!!!
subtle but awesome.
blessings, Maariah

Hi Tika

I just wanted to share with you an amazing story regarding your ceramic disc and our natural swimming pool.

We live in a sub-tropical area of Australia on the east coast. We have on our farm a natural swimming pool which is filtered only by the plants and a small aquarium pump. Our pool holds about 150,000 litres of water and of course is chemical free.

We had a very hot summer and coupled with that a big storm which blew our solar panels into the pool, well all this caused some problems. The water started to grow a green algae on the bottom and with no pump to oxygenate the water we were in a little trouble.

I remembered that when we meet you on our visit to the US, you so kindly give us a ceramic disc to use, so I placed it into the grow bed zone first, face up.

The grow bed filter zone is 5 meters wide x 14 meters long x 1meter deep and within 3 to 4 weeks the bed was clear and the algae was gone.

So then I threw it into the swim zone which is 7 meters wide x 14 meters long and 2 meters deep on both occasions you could not see the disc, then after about 4 weeks the disc became visible and the water became clear.

We still don’t have the solar panels fixed yet and it has been about 4 months or so since the disc first went in we have left it in the pool zone and the pool is looking great.

I think that little disc is magic and so are you Tika.

Thank yo so much for sharing this with us, it is amazing!!!

Lots of love

Gary O'Brien

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