Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Health:

Is there a link between our health and Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF)?

Leaders in both holistic therapy as well as electromagnetic field research agree that many of the everyday maladies for which people cannot find a standard medical basis may be caused or aggravated by these EMF waves.

Countless people worldwide report symptoms they believe to be a result of this constant bombardment by low-level electromagnetic waves. Thousands of studies worldwide have shown that over exposure to EMFs has a direct effect on the loss of integrity of our natural inner frequencies resulting in the distortion of the natural rhythms of the body’s various systems.

This can lead to a weakened immune system, lower the body’s resistance to bacterial and viral infections and eventually may lead to devastating illnesses, such as cancer and degenerative diseases.

What kind of health effects has scientific research shown?

Many research studies have found that the ELF and radio frequency radiation can cause other biological changes, such as:
• Enzyme changes that affect DNA and cell growth; possible result in cancer and birth defects.
• Changed metabolism and increased cell growth.
• Fetal abnormalities, probably caused by enzyme changes.
• Gene expression changes, which creates stress on your body and can result in cancer.
• Increased production of stress proteins within cell, possibly leading to Alzheimer’s disease.
• Chronic stress induced by exposure to EMFs, which can lead to heart conditions.
• Neuro-hormone changes, which can result in memory loss and impaired brain function.
• Electro-smog has been shown to disturb the growth of cells and the information flow between cells
• The body digests, inhales or absorbs radiation. Some foods contain small amounts of radiation, acquired in the course of growing or processing. A few examples are beer, whiskey, milk, salad oil, flour, and tea. Another alarming fact is that the human body sometimes confuses certain radioactive elements with minerals the body is lacking. This is because some radioactive substances are very similar to non-radioactive minerals that our bodies need.

Why do we absorb radiation?
The human body, composed of ions, minerals and water, is a strong conductor of electrical energy and is a very effective antenna structure. The functions and responses of the human body are controlled by weak electromagnetic pulses from the brain. Billions of electrical impulses regulate the activity of every living cell, affecting the body’s well-being and its ability to heal itself.
Do higher frequencies have more serious health effects?

Yes. The fields that appear to be of most concern are those that are very strong, near the body, or of high frequency. High frequency EMFs are caused by dimmer switches, airline or automobile power systems, cellular phones, fluorescent lights, transformers in electronic equipment, all motors, and wires carrying high current, microwave oven, computers and televisions.

 Small fields near the body that can radiate magnetic fields and cause problems. Electric blankets, heating pads, hair dryers, clocks and refrigerator motors can also be problematic if near the body for long periods of time.

What about radiation exposure from X-Rays?

X-rays, dental and chest, give varying exposures. Each treatment of medical radiation therapy gives twelve times the normal amount absorbed annually by the average American.

With porcelain dental crowns and dentures (containing uranium), you will receive three times the total amount of radiation absorbed annually by the average American per tooth.

About Our Environment:

What is background radiation?

This is radiation that is in our environment that often goes undetected but that can have serious health effects.
Examples of this are:
• Cosmic radiation from the sun and stars
• Terrestrial radiation from naturally radioactive elements in the soil and water
• Ionizing Radiation from nuclear plants and fallout
• Building materials, that contain naturally radioactive elements (granite)
• Radon gas which often accumulates in buildings and homes
• Other minor sources: smoke detectors, natural gas heating and cooking, and TV

What is causing EMFs in the atmosphere?
Our environment is packed with many diverse electromagnetic frequencies. The United States is wired with half a million miles of high voltage power lines that are 60Hz and higher. We depend on 250,000 microwave relay links for communications and cell phones. Nine million broadcasting transmitters and 30 million CB radios flood our airwaves.

The U.S. industry utilizes 35 million electromagnetic devices. Radiation is emitted daily from 125 million TV sets, millions of domestic appliances, military installations, industrial machines, computers, radio and television transmitters and all other electrically powered devices.

What are EMFs in the atmosphere doing to us?

Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the atmosphere influence all our senses, our metabolic processes and even the way we think.

Research has shown that the chaotic nature of particles from artificial EMFs disturbs our natural energetic field, resulting in damage to the body’s tissues.

These fields can significantly interfere with and alter basic electrical functions, shutdown vitality, and eventually produce disease. With prolonged or frequent exposure dangerous bioeffects can occur.

Radiation is cumulative and its effects devastating, both short and long-term.

Are motor vehicles toxic?

Automobiles, planes, buses, trains and motorcycles are recognized as powerful generators and receivers of electromagnetic pollution. Highways often parallel power lines and other sources of heavy radiation.

The electrical system of a vehicle also generates detrimental electromagnetic fields. In all vehicles, in order to drive the spark plugs, the coil increases the voltage rating to approximately 18,000 volts.

Furthermore, static electricity, created by the rotation of the tires against the brake drums and the pistons, sets up a magnetic field which can detrimentally affect the body’s mental, physical, and nervous system, resulting in the driver’s reaction time, blank spots in his/her ability to see and hear, as well as fatigue and drowsiness.

The consequences of these reactions can be dangerous.

What about Jet Lag?

Jet lag is partly due to the continuous energetic jangling caused by crossing the earth’s magnetic grid. This also explains why crossing east-west or west-east is worse in effect than a journey north-south or south-north.  Commuters generally say they have more energy, and experience less “Jet Lag” or after-effects when using the Safe Space products. Safe Spaces provide the necessary protection, and jet lag is alleviated.

Are wireless technologies a health concern?

At its most basic level, wireless service relies on the transmission and reception of signals by means of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic waves. Research has shown that RF can create detrimental health effects depending one’s proximity to the field.

About Our Earth and Food Sources:

What is Geopathic Stress?

Geopathic stress is a result of subtle electromagnetic frequencies emitted by the earth that are harmful to biological systems. It includes: water veins, underground streams crossing, ground water currents, fault lines, cavities and mineral deposits.

Electrically charged ground Global grids – Hartmann net or Curry grid can also cause severe disturbances if working or sleeping over these lines.

Over a period of time, noxious energy zones located directly beneath, for example, a patient’s bed or work desk, can not only drain a person’s energy, they also block the success of any medical treatment (traditional or alternative methods). 

The Hartmann net runs north-south, and east-west and are two to three meters apart. The Curry grid runs diagonally to the Hartmann net. These can be particularly harmful when two grids cross

Can man made EMFs come from the ground?

Yes. Electrical Ground Current is an important concern in electromagnetic exposure. This is electrical current returning to the substation through the earth as “stray voltage”

Electrical ground currents occur when the utility’s wire is overloaded and returns to the substation “off the wire”, traveling through the earth conducted by soil, water, plumbing lines. This causes human and animal exposure to high frequencies.

Does radiation affect vegetation?

Grain and other vegetation can absorb radiation from the soil where it was deposited by the winds from radioactive clouds. Once radiation is absorbed in grain it will survive all refinement and cooking processes.

Trees and grass, as well as agricultural plants, absorb radiation. When they are destroyed through logging, fires, and cultivation, the radiation is reintroduced into the atmosphere. 

Radioactive waste is added to some fertilizers, which are then spread on tobacco crops. Smoking two packs of cigarettes is equivalent to an exposure of sixteen times the amount of radiation absorbed annually by the average American.

About Transforming Your Environment:

How do environmental energy balancing devices affect the Feng Shui of the environments?

We are profoundly affected by our surroundings, particularly our homes and work environments. For centuries the Chinese have practiced the art of feng shui (proper placement). This practice is based on an appreciation of the natural flow of ch’i or life force and vital energy through the environment. They believe that if a person changed and balanced his surroundings, he could balance and improve his life.

The energy in one’s environment will affect it’s atmosphere and therefore its occupants. We may feel comfortable, healthy and safe in a clear environment where the energy is balanced. On the other hand, an imbalanced or sick environment may leave us feeling weak, anxious or depressed.

Our devices are designed to balance and harmonize our environments by creating a peaceful and harmonious flow of the energies or the life force throughout the space it affects. Although they are designed to work on an “energetic” level with the environment, they can have a very tangible and beneficial effect on those living and working in those spaces. By creating a more relaxed, comfortable environment a variety of benefits occur.

Do our thoughts and emotions affect our environments?

Environments are energetically patterned by how people use the spaces. Rooms do not become empty just because people leave them physically. Places are affected by human psycho-physical energies.


These energetic patterns remain in the subtle field of the environment even after we physically leave a place and can affect how a particular space can feels. This pattern of energy has a subtle form and structure to it and can have a toxifying effect on an individual if the energy is particularly chaotic and negative.

Energy balancing devices are designed to clear the effect of disharmonious energies and noxious thought emanations. With use of the Safe Space device the entire environment will take on a brighter, lighter and clearer quality. People often comment on how much the place feels as though a breeze of fresh air has cleared the space and that it’s easier to breathe!


Can environmental energy balancing erase vibrations from the past?

Old buildings will have absorbed some of the ch’i energy linked with the happy or sad events that have taken place there. Most of this dissipates with time, but a residue can stay for centuries.

Negative chi energy hangs on in parts of a building that are dark or damp, and can affect the lives of people living there. If generations of occupants have experienced similar misfortunes (for example, illness, divorce, bankruptcy) it could be caused by the Feng Shui of the building.

The lower negative psychic energies that can ‘possess’ our buildings and our surroundings can be another invisible disturbance that can be felt. These vibrations can be left behind in furniture and floors and walls due to the history of subtle bodily communications that permeate many buildings.

Removing these energies can erase constricting conditions, allowing a freer, fresher participation in that environment. This clearing eliminates tensions and promote a healthier and more productive milieu.

Environmental devices are an ideal solution to renewing the energy in an environment because they do such an effective clearing of imprinted thought forms and old energy patterns to bring more light into the environment.

How do dust & clutter affect the environment?
Dust has its own chi energy which tends to stagnate when it becomes stuck in one place. Clutter harbors old chi energy and makes it difficult for energy to move smoothly through a building.
Can environmental energy balancing affect toxic chemicals in one’s environment?

The atmospheric conditions within the home may amount to a poisonous cocktail of gases emanating from the building materials and or furnishings.

Energy-balancing products can help by raising the vibration of the environment. Though these noxious chemicals may still be recognized as being present, their negative effects are made null and void.

Obtrusive odors may be noticed to diminish or even vanish. With use of our devices the entire environment will take on a brighter, lighter and clearer quality. People often comment on how much the place feels as though a breeze of fresh air has cleared the space and that it’s easier to breathe.

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