Nature offers a blueprint that supports all life…

Many manmade systems and technologies can interfere with this support from Nature…

Living Design tools provide Nature’s blueprint in a stabilized form so that you can easily optimize potential for vitality, beauty, balance, and harmony everywhere – in bodies, buildings, and our Earth.


Here’s what one customer who used our products had to say:

“It was like living in Grand Central Station with a cacophony of hollering, buzzing, and grinding all around, way beyond normal awareness. I did not realize how disturbing this energy was until Tika and I sat down and breathed in the new feel of the house. Our home was now relaxing into a more pleasant hum; one that many have told me is amazingly sweet and welcoming.

This technology in the hands and heart of Tika is quite remarkable and, I believe, one of the healing tools given to us to help manifest the New Earth. Many thanks, Tika, for your courage and earnest efforts to bring this highly effective energy balancing service to our lives and to our community’s awareness.”

~ Lois, satisfied customer

How Living Design Tools Work

Living Design tools optimize the potential for well-being and assist in restoring Nature’s life-supporting, original blueprint to create a perfected distribution of electro-magnetic charge. These tools provide a stabilized point of reference to assist Nature in harmonizing a wide range of electromagnetic fields, including geopathic environmental stress.

Living Design tools are imprinted with a powerful proprietary blend of naturally occurring geometric shapes, along with stabilized electro-conductive and biodynamic algorithms. Living Design technology is designed to infuse subtle energy fields with a stable, full, and balanced harmonic spectrum of magnetic frequencies common to all life. It is important to note that our Logo is not a representative of the technology. 

Living Design Tools are designed to be used on and around electronic technology, bodies, buildings, in the Earth, and on waterways for optimal vitality and well-being:

Environmental Energy Balancing
Consultations and Bio-Energetic Testing

For optimal results, Living Design Technology® empowers users to harmonize their homes, work spaces, or outdoor environments by providing guidance for strategic placement of Living Design tools.

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1-hour Environmental Consultation $100.00

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Living Design Bio-Energetic Home Assessment

The Home Assessment starts with a Google Earth satellite scan and LDC bio-energetic testing protocols to discover the base line coherence level of the house and land combined. Test results will  determine what is needed to treat the home and earth for electro and geopathic stress. This includes all incoming power sources on or around the exterior of the home. The LDC assessment takes a holistic approach to evaluating and addressing possible sources of chaotic
energy in your environment. A simple floor plan and photos are required for this testing.

LDC Exterior Checklist: includes the more visible electrical components such as meters, generators, main electrical panels, street and exterior lighting, etc.,
to less obvious systems including septic/sewer, proximity to power lines, cell towers, other large buildings, etc.

LDC Interior Electrical Checklist includes: 1) Locations of interior electrical systems and devices and appliances. 2) Location and types of lighting. 3) An
understanding of all the electrical items on the two bottom floors. 4) Heating ventilation and AC unit locations and description. 5) Water heater locations and type.

Unifying and Optimizing Interior and Exterior Spaces: LDC uses our bio-energetic test protocols to determine the over all coherence level and check for 32 different sources of toxicity. Fine tuning the interior and exterior as a whole unified field after the environment is initially treated is optimal.


Bio-Energetic Home Assessment

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