Personal Bio Balancing


Length of personal sessions varies, depending on client’s preferences and needs. Sessions usually last about an hour.

Sessions take place at the LDT office, by phone, Skype, or (with a possible surcharge for travel) at a private and quiet location of your choice.



The intention of this work is to raise the vibration of your personal energy field.

This process enhances everything you are already doing to improve your health and well-being. Energy balancing naturally increases your ability to focus, rest, and rejuvenate by increasing the coherence of your energy field.


Balancing Your Energy Field

We begin by utilizing scientific radiesthia tools to detect imbalances such as geopathic stress, EMF or other electromagnetic disturbances stored in your personal energy field.

Taking place non-verbally, the balancing process provides a pleasant and relaxing experience. Because we can talk as the process occurs, the session offers an excellent opportunity for you to learn about your energy body.

Transforming Imprinted Energy Patterns

We continue by transforming non–beneficial neurological imprints, core beliefs, and cellular memories to align body, mind, and spirit:

Throughout your life, your energy field often incorporates the non–beneficial energetic patterns associated with stressful or traumatic events. These imprinted patterns block the expression of the life-enhancing qualities that would otherwise flow freely through your field. This imprinting process, usually taking place without your conscious awareness, diminishes your physical and emotional vitality, and often blocks your ability to experience the well-being you desire.

We facilitate your conscious choice to identify and shift these detrimental energy patterns. We easily locate the limiting imprints with our coherent frequency dials and help you repattern them through applied kinesiology and our innovative Multidimensional Transformation Process.

Then, as you reintegrate the beneficial energy qualities that the imprints had been blocking, you experience a greater sense of ease and well-being.

Taking place elegantly within your energy field, this process does not require you to retell the story of past events or re-experience traumas. Following their sessions, clients often report accelerated healing, increased well-being, and resolution of previously problematic issues.


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