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Living Design Technology® Natural Ceramic Harmonizers can be used to create a coherent energy field when six LDT harmonizers are placed in a grid pattern defining the perimeter of the environment. These tools can be used inside or outside as suggested below, or a combination of both. The LDT Ceramic Harmonziers in this kit are multi-purpose and can be used in a wide variety of other ways.

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The Basic Grid Kit includes:
6 Medium Natural Ceramic Harmonizers

Interior Application Suggestions:
Imagine the area to be harmonized as one large tent and the Harmonizers are the stakes to hold it in place. Place Harmonizers equadistant from each other around the perimeter of the area you are treating. For example, if the footprint of your home is a rectangle you would put one in each of the four corners of the building and two along the wall baseboards in the middle of the long side of the rectangle, as shown on diagram. They can be leaned in a corner standing on edge at a 45° angle or attached to the baseboard using Velcro®.

Exterior Application Suggestions:
Harmonizers can be buried in the ground around the outside of the building in the same configuration as the image above. When considering the configuration of the grid it's optimal to include one in the ground where the electric meter is located on the building.

Living Design Harmonizers have been developed to balance a wide range of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) including geopathic stress and 5G. These tools optimize the potential for well-being and assist in restoring nature’s life-supporting, original blueprint to create a healthy distribution of electromagnetic energy charge. Every environment is different, therefore strategic placement of Harmonizers in multiple locations is strongly advised for best results. For example, this Basic Kit is designed to work in tandem with the Smart Meter Kit and other Living Design tools when possible.

LDT has an organizing effect on chaotic electromagnetic fields because it provides a full spectrum of healthy stabilized magnetic frequencies common to all living systems. When a sufficient amount of full spectrum stabilized magnetic frequencies are present in an environment they help Nature reorganize the chaotic frequencies to become sympathetic with living systems, much like a magnet organizes iron filings.

When these tools are properly placed relative to the size of the space being harmonized and a sufficient amount of these frequencies are present, people report feeling more vitality, grounded, and an increased ability to focus. When a full and balanced spectrum of all magnetic frequencies common to living systems is present it creates etheric “Gold Energy”. This is the natural frequency foundation for living systems, also commonly known as healthy prana, or chi. Living Design Technology® tools simply provides the organizing information and Nature does the work.
Living Design Technology® is people, pet and plant friendly. LDT tools are stable, never need clearing, and enhance the cellular communication of living systems.

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