Harmonizing Nature with Technology

GDV imaging perfomed by Dr. Gaetan Chevalier of Psy-Tek Labs shows the Vitality Level and the Alignment of the chakras before and after Living Design Sticker Harmonizers (formerly known as Decals) were placed on a cell phone. Focusing on the fifth (throat) chakra, notice:

Living Design Technology offers guidance and tools to amplify harmony in our world.

Our tools provide the necessary frequency information for Nature to harmonize harmonize and optimize a broad range of potentially stressful frequencies, including EMFs and geopathic energies to accord with nature’s blueprint, thus enhancing the vitality and life-force for our families, homes, and environments.

 Integrating: By joining nature’s design language with generated electromagnetic energy fields we can synchronize them.
 Balancing: By combining the two they become one unified, balanced energy field.
 Harmonizing: When combined, this unified, balanced energy field produces a total positive effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.
 End Result: This synergy supports life so we can enjoy our technologies and live in harmony with nature.

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Harmonizing World Water is a project that collaborates with individuals and organizations to harmonize the world’s waterways by seeding strategic locations around the world with harmonic, life-supporting, subtle energetic interventions. Water can be restored to its natural state, full of life-force and optimal vitality!

Since you balanced the electro-magnetic energy in and around our house, we sleep better, our friends comment on the good energy they feel when entering, and the plants? Inside and out, they too are thriving.

Margot Hasha, Ph.D

Strategic Alliances

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