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1-inch* Sunburst Ceramic Charger Pendant 
1.5-inch* Sunburst Ceramic Charger Pendant 

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Small Natural Ceramic Harmonizer  $45
Perfect size to put in your pocket!

[wp_cart_button name=”Small Natural Ceramic Charger” price=”45.00″ shipping=”0″]

SKU 03CNSM  Actual size: approximately 1.375″

Medium Natural Ceramic Harmonizer  $60

[wp_cart_button name=”Medium Natural Ceramic Charger” price=”60.00″ shipping=”0″]

 SKU 03CNMD  Actual size: approximately 2.625″

Large Natural Ceramic Harmonizer  $118

[wp_cart_button name=”Large Natural Ceramic Charger” price=”118.00″ shipping=”0″]

SKU 03CNLG  Actual size: approximately 4.75″

Extra Large Natural Ceramic Harmonizer  $195

[wp_cart_button name=”Extra Large Natural Ceramic Charger” price=”195.00″ shipping=”0″]

SKU 03CNXL  Actual size: approximately 7.125″

Extra Small Natural Ceramic
Harmonizer Pendant  $45
Slight variations may occur due to the fact these are handmade. This item is glazed.

[wp_cart_button name=”Extra small Sunburst Ceramic Charger Pendant” price=”45.00″ shipping=”0″]

SKU 05PNXS  Actual size: approximately 0.875″

Small Natural Ceramic
Harmonizer Pendant  $60
Slight variations may occur due to the fact these are handmade. This item is glazed.

[wp_cart_button name=”Small Sunburst Ceramic Charger Pendant” price=”60.00″ shipping=”0″]

SKU 05PNSM  Actual size: approximately 1.375″

Our Natural Ceramic Harmonizers are designed to provide a combination of both indestructibility and effectiveness for harmonizing large areas in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

They are crafted from durable ceramic material, and are excellent for use when harmonizing outdoor spaces where the elements can be harsh and unforgiving. In particular, they are perfect for use in lakes, rivers, streams, and in the ground.

While the Natural line is not glazed, it is vitreous and stable, however it can be absorbent. If you spill coffee on it, for instance, it may be subject to discoloration. This will have no effect on the product’s efficacy, only on its aesthetic appearance.

Ceramic Harmonizers can be placed in the earth near trees, in gardens, around buildings and power lines, near beehives, and in bodies of water. Place near or under food and water to enhance vitality. They can also be placed inside of clothing, in personal belongings or worn on the body to assist with grounding, and physical balance.

If you need glazed ceramic harmonizers that are less susceptible to staining, our Rainbow Ceramic Harmonizers are the perfect choice.

For more information email us at info@livingdesignconsultants.com

Imprinted with a powerful proprietary blend of naturally occurring geometric shapes, along with stabilized electro-conductive and biodynamic algorithms, these harmonizers are designed to infuse subtle energy fields with a full and balanced harmonic spectrum of magnetic frequencies common to all life. While the environment is not stable, our products are. Our custom process permanently infuses this beneficial energy quality directly into printed materials – first generation only. It is important to note that the Logo is not a representative of the technology.


​To learn more about the scientific validation of our Harmonizing tools, click here.

For optimal results, Living Design Technology® empowers users to harmonize their homes, work spaces, or outdoor environments by providing guidance for strategic placement of our Harmonizing tools.

To learn more about our local or remote testing, services and the use of Living Design Technology® in your home, office or neighborhood, please connect with us here.

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